About Nicole 

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Nicole's Training:
* Healing Arts Institute (Perrysburg, OH) 750hr Massage & Bodywork 2003
* Journeys Of Wisdom Holistic Coaching (OH & FL) John A. McMillin www.journeysofwisdom.com
* C.H.E.K Institute (Vista, CA) Functional Weight Training, Holistic Nutrition 
* Vitality College of Healing Arts   (Carlsbad, CA) 400hrs Bodywork
* Milne Institute (Eureka, CA)
Visionary Craniosacral Work
Hoop Girl Hoopdance TT
 (Los Angeles, CA)
* Anusara Yoga Immersions & TT (Athens, Greece) Naime Jezzeny, Sue Elkind, & Sianna Sherman 2011
* Dig Yoga TT (Lambertville, NJ) Naime Jezzeny, Sue Elkind, & Douglas Brooks
* Ashaya Yoga 200hr TT (Toledo, Ohio) with Founder Todd Norian 2018
Nicole Kirian (Tsoukkas)

Nicole is on a mission to live life to the healthiest. She has been in the Holistic Health field for 16 years trying to figure out her own health issues and training to help others with theirs. In search of health Nicole has lived in Ohio, California, & Cyprus, while also traveling to Denmark, France, Spain, Greece, The Netherlands, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, & Bali. With a good mix of failures and triumphs, Nicole found her greatest Holistic discovery 2 years ago with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease (caused by a tick bite at 10 years old). This has lead to her most significant recovery and continuing with a final round of treatments in June 2019, she's well on her way to accomplishing health!


Throughout this Holistic Journey, Nicole has become a Certified Ashaya Yoga Teacher (trained by Todd Norian) with a passion for Alignment and Therapeutics. Her first introduction to teaching yoga was through Anusara Yoga with her main teachers being Naime Jezzeny and Sue Elkind. She has worked at the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute where she learned Functional Weight Training & Holistic Nutrition, trained in Holistic Coaching with John A. McMullin of Journeys of Wisdom, became skilled in Hoop Dance (teaching & performing), and developed herself as a Licensed Massage Therapist over a 16 year career. Her current interests include a regular yoga practice, training in Choi Lei Fut Kung Fu, Yang Style Tai Chi, & Self Defense. 


Nicole is currently based out of her hometown of Bowling Green, Ohio. There she lives close to nature with her family on their small organic chicken farm in front of 100 acres of woods. Her mom Holly is also a Certified Ashaya Yoga Teacher around the Bowling Green, Ohio area. Her family owns the local business ‘Kirian’s Home Shop - Flooring Center’ serving BG for over 50 years. Nicole and her husband Giorgos are Soulmates going on 8yrs, once again coming together living in Ohio. Together they have an American Staffordshire Doggie Daughter named Pythia (P-thia) and enjoy Yoga, Holistic Health, The Mediterranean Sea, Traveling, Learning, and Living Life to It’s Maximum Beauty!